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My husband and I both work on the road, sometimes apart other times together. We get a lot of "road time" to talk about these things.
Our discussion today did include "what if we both dont like her"?? or what if she "only likes one of us". In some ways I think we both have a little different idea of what we are looking for but one of the things we both agree on is that he and I are both very go with the flow type personalities and both very non confrontational and I think that is our only expectation of someone else that chooses to come into our life.
We havent really started looking yet, we are both trying to do our research and make sure how ever this happens we are prepared for anything. In 19years he and I have never said a bad word to each other, I think that is my biggest worry. Will our dynamic change with someone else in the picture.
Hoping who ever comes into our lives, we make her feel as comfortable with us and we do with each other.
High Hopes!!
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