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"Lying: I don't think she has ever lied to me. I suspect it, but there's no way I can confirm it. And they've all been of the, "I'm tired. Good night." and then she goes to chat with someone else... MAYBE. And even if that's the case, so what? She doesn't have the right to talk to someone else? Of course she does. Does she lie to her other partners? I guess? But let's be real, while it's not the optimal solution, it's not all that uncommon"

Ok.. Lying is common.. does that make it right? Does it make it better for you? Do you feel ok with it??

I think the answer is no and you are making excuses for her. Which isnt a good thing to do.. Lying by omission is still a lie..

Yes she does have the right to talk to any one she wants but she also should have the expectation to tell the truth and not omit things if she wants a relationship with more than one person.

I mean this in the nicest way, but it seems as though by your statements that you are enabling her dishonesty...
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