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Welcome FreeLoveDove, from yet another Scorpio. I hope you will enjoy your time on our site and make many friends, etc.

You are lucky to be knowing yourself so well at 30. I remember when I was 30, I was at the beginning of a very long and difficult journey that would be filled with drama, upset, and heavy-duty life changes. It has taken me well over 15 years to get to a point of some stability.

I still respect monogamy and many of its practitioners, but I'm also struck by how easy and natural polyamory feels (once everyone finally gets each other's quirks figured out!). It's too bad more people don't realize that poly is an option.

Well, I'm starting to ramble. Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you aboard, and send you my positive energy and well wishes and all of that.

Kevin T.
Love means never having to say, "Put down that meat cleaver!"
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