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Originally Posted by KayFin View Post
Thank you,

My friend is not one to steal a partner but thing I fear is that if we end up having relationship with the same person it might bring out our competetiveness in a very disrupting way.

Worst case scenario: breaking romantic relations and a long friendship

as things are now, I will wait and see how things unfold doing nothing to push it forward or to stop it....
The only thing you can control is what you do. If you know that your personality issue is being to competitive with this friend, then stop doing so. Find your own hobby, find your own inner peace, learn to be happy with you and what you do and stop your behavior.

I had a jealous issue with hubby's (nutbuster (jim)) most recent ex. I totally believed she was better than me, skinnier than me, prettier than me, and I knew it was MY issue.. Talking with him helped ALOT.. It really did, but our talk only came after a complete melt down of mine and my feelings of insecurity, jealousy, etc.. I felt that if pushed I could not compete with her, and frankly I tend to shut off/down emotions fairly easy so I would not have competed with her, I would have and eventually did cut off any feelings at all I felt for her and let the entire situation go out of my head.

So this will take alot of personal work for you, but you can do it..


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