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Originally Posted by DrunkenPorcupine View Post
The flip-side of removing DADT policies is the risk of oversharing. I don't share with people I don't deeply trust, and yet, my reading of her sense of trust is still a little off. I don't think I have a point beyond "it's a delicate balance" but it certainly can feel like a quagmire sometimes.
Good point. I certainly don't share everything with my men, I ask if they want to hear details and neither do. I want to here details about my husband and his boyfriend, but he isn't interested in telling me and I respect that. What we do pass on is the feeling part and the parts where we have been moved in some way to know more about our partners or to know something special that might be of interest... not to mention what we have discovered about ourselves.

I think for me the crux is the fine line between not telling and telling, in that space is the freedom to be open as much or as little as we all feel comfortable with. Including speaking about what happens to us and to ask questions.
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