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Communication question:

T has been having depression issues so hasn't really been up for anything but short superficial chats. I appreciate the time she has made for me.

Last night, however, she was upset because her yahoo messenger stopped working on her pc. It's important to her because that's how she primarily communicates with many of her friends. I understand this as well. When tech stuff goes wrong I'll drive for hours trying to fix it if that's what it takes, and I get super irritable if people interrupt me.

So, I spent two and a half hours trying to help her fix it, finally deciding just to use trillian instead. By then we were both exhausted. This morning a sent her good morning texts and then didn't hear anything from her for hours until I received a "help! Trillian isn't working" message from her.

I'm missing our quality time together, was being romantic this morning, and the first message I get hours later without any acknowledgement is "help, I can't talk to people besides you!"

Can I communicate that it hurt my feelings? Am I being insensitive with the other stuff going on?
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