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Default Brief Update

I don't have a lot of time to write, this morning, so I'll just give a quick update on the week.

Vix has been struggling in her reaction to Doc's revelation that he (only) "likes" her. She got her head straightened out about it a few days ago, with the insight that she had made a mistake in compressing and conforming herself to Doc's expectations, trying not to rock the boat.

She was still feeling bruised, though, and worried that there is something fundamentally wrong with her. She put this to Doc in an email, and his reply went a long way toward helping her.

Doc assured Vix that there is nothing wrong with her. It's just that he has proven himself incapable of remaining interested in anything that is not new and shiny, with the exception of a handful of longtime friends. From what Vix has told me, he seems to maintain these friendships in part by keeping his friends at some comfortable emotional distance.

In a sense, Doc has done Vix an honor by moving her into that category of friendship, which is the only way he could continue to have a relationship with her at all. Any other woman he would have just dropped.

So, as I've said, Vix is disappointed that their relationship cannot become what she'd hoped it might, but she is glad of Doc's friendship (with or without "benefits"). She only wishes she'd known all this last year, so she could have invested in the friendship rather than hoping for a deeper emotional bond with Doc.

I suppose, with enough honest communication, each relationship will find its own appropriate level.

In the mean time, I've continued to exchange emails with Metis, and we continue to confide in one another. I've also seen her, once or twice, in social contexts outside of work.

Yesterday, in an email, she asked me if I'd like to have lunch with her next week, another of our urban picnics.

Oh, be still my heart!

I still don't expect anything beyond friendship with Metis, but a small flame of hope seems still to be burning. If nothing else, I'm moved that she would take the initiative to see me.

I keep telling myself it's probably just a sign we're developing a real friendship.

Nyx and I are also trying to find some time to see one another over a meal, though our busy lives seem to keep conspiring against us. Brunch on a weekend morning seems unworkable for some time to come, so we may have to default to lunch on a weekday.

That's too bad, because it limits the amount of time we can spend talking.

Still, in all these things, I'm trying to take a long view. These are people with whom I hope to maintain some connection beyond this week or month or year, whatever form that connection takes.
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