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Originally Posted by choctaw103 View Post
I just do the general "hey you sound really interesting and I'd like to hang out and get to know you" I'm such a damn geek. I just don't know what to say.
If I receive those kinds of messages, I usually just block the guy right away without even looking at his profile. If all he can say is, "You seem interesting & I wanna know you," I assume he really hasn't read my profile and is just sending the same lame sentence out to everyone. Plus, it comes off as arrogant - it's like just because he wants to know me, I should contact him? And since nothing specific in my profile is mentioned, it is also assumed he only looked at my pictures. Major turn-off. Interesting, ugh. What, EXACTLY, interested you?

Find something specific in a person's profile to comment on, and say why you relate to it or why it appeals to you. Write a few sentences, show some intellect, and a sense of humor. Don't ask them out in the first message, just say what sparked your interest and let it play out from there. Be willing to have a conversation first. We spend a lot of time and energy writing profiles, and responders should at least make some effort themselves to let us know it was worth the trouble.
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