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Originally Posted by juanvaldez76 View Post
Thanks for the support elle

I know that since we were originally going to get into swinging and threesomes and the like, I was ok with the idea of her being intimate with someone else because I assumed I'd be present and participating.... so I think that the fact that I feel "excluded" is what is causing these feelings... if we had gone into this as a fully aware poly couple I don't think I'd have the same issues.... it's just a matter of adjusting my viewpoint right now.... it's working slowly but it takes time I guess
Isn't that funny, my DH says he gets no thrill out of watching and participating (although in the old days after enough tequila I beg to differ...) and that's fine but, lol, that is a huge turn on!! For me, anyway.

I do think you could go nuts in your head not being there but if she's having a 'real' relationship with him then they do need some time.
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