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I never expected my wife to end her relationship. Balance was nonexistent. Trust is up in lingo. There's more wrong than right. She did what she needed. I was trying to find a way to work with it and allow her to keep both.

I never accepted who she was. I kinda swallowed the bullet and dealt with it. I can't worry about how I reacted to something years ago that wasn't part of my life. I can't force my beliefs on her. Whether she wants to admit it or not, she's hurting. I'm not making any promises. I can't say I'm overjoyed. They do need to make peace. Tomorrow isn't promised.

Being mad at her girlfriend wasn't going to fix anything. It did cause more arguments between us. Especially when I banned her girlfriend from entering our home. I caught hell for that. I was wrong for how I treated her, so I did issue an apology for the way I treated her. Regardless as to how I feel about her, she matters to my wife and kids. That came from talking to my kid. Whether I want her in my personal life is neither here nor there. I don't have to be around her. That's still my choice. I'm not ready to be friends, but I'm willing to get along because my kids need her around. The last thing I need is my kids hating me for taking somebody from them. I'm the reason she stopped being there. The you're not part of my family argument hit home. Whether they're together or not, it seems like I'm gonna have to deal with her. What am I supposed to tell my kids? She can't come to your graduation even though she's like a mother to you. Watch it blow up.
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