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Default Glad to be HOME!

Greetings to all of you OUTSIDE THE BOX thinking people! Thank you for creating a "Home" for likeminded individuals to mix-n-mingle. Society dictates that there is only one form of a commitment or relationship and based on the number of people here, we ALL, clearly know that is UNtrue!
My Triad Family consists of myself (the male) along with my BEAUTIFUL Wife and our GORGEOUS Girlfriend (very soon to be Wife)! We are a closed TRIO, because as you all know Three's Company! We currently live our lives and operate under the parameters of POLYAMORY. No swinging or swapping, and certainly NOT judging those who choose to.
It's just nice to be welcomed to a judgement-free forum where me and my Family can feel free to be who we are, and not the circus freaks that most anti-establishemnt, alternative lifestyle people are viewed as. Who wants to fit into a nice neat box anyway! Mono is far over rated, been-there-done-that!!!

From: all THREE of us
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