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Me and BF have both grown and I do see myself with him ten years down the line we both have the same goals in life we are practically coincide very well but she just always seems to feel either something isn't fair to her or the past bothers her. We have both told her if you can't get over it then leave cus we can't take it especially me my next solution is to form a V so that it can potentially be less stressful for me and she won't feel like it's not fair to her or any other problems won't come up if not then ill stick to my original decision and leave them both I don't want to leave him but if he is going to keep puttin lg up with her tantrums then he can on his own even though he says he won't he says me and him decided to let her in so we both stay together even if she leaves, i don't know seems like she's trying to wear me down sometimes. It's so tiring!!!
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