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I have been following this since the beginning, and it reminds me of the few crappy relationships i had (ageist warning - cover your eyes if the truth hurts them) WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE that i stayed in because the sex was pretty awesome and i thought i'd never have such great sex with anyone else. These people took advantage of me in other ways but i kept going back to them or not leaving in the first place because of the sex. I told myself that if i waited a little longer, the problems would fix themselves, that the person would get a job, they would wash their dishes, they would stop being an uptight conservative prick, etc. but oh yeah until then, the sex is still great.

This will work itself out one way or another. Ask yourself in 10 or 20 years, "what the HELL was i thinking? Why did i stay even THAT long?" because that's what i say to myself. You think you looooooove someone, but what you looooooove is this idealized version of them that you have created in your mind and are trying to get them to live up to in real life. Does not work; but don't take my word for it. You will learn these things for yourself sooner or later.
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