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I am curious about why, when a person comes on here and posts that they suspected their partner of cheating, check their phone or email, find out that the partner was indeed cheating (sometimes severely so), and simply get scolded and berated for "invading the other person's privacy". The person caught cheating sometimes uses that too, probably to take the attention off the cheating itself and making it out like the cheating is less wrong because they were found out through another person's self-help.

Now, i admit that sometimes people have a suspicion that turns out to be false, and when they snoop in the other person's messages and find out the truth, the person who was snooped on has every right to be annoyed or angry. But if you were up to no good in the first place, what right do you have to be pissed about your privacy? Obviously you don't even care that much if you treated the person in a way that made them suspect something in the first place. I mean, if you're gonna be a liar, at least be a GOOD liar. Play your game to win, not to get presumably unwanted attention. I always suspect that people leave incriminating things on their phones then leave their phones where the person they are fooling can find them actually WANT to be caught. What i don't understand is why other people (including but not limited to this forum, other places too such as reddit) jump all over them for omg snooping omg, when they are the one who was being lied to and were just trying to find out information that was being hidden.
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