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First, I hope you feel better. Colds are running rampant this time of year. All bad.

15 minutes away from Ginger? Hello! I do believe that is a winner. Aww. It belonged to her mother? I am such a sap for things like that. That would have been my point of happiness right there. It sounds so cozy, and I have a nice visual. Fireplace, wine (makings of a romantic evening), and gardening? I would have been good with those things. The good news is Miss Pixi does not hate it. She likes it a lot, so that is something you can work with. I might be a really good thing that is is not modernised. That could be a project for everyone to be involved in. Making a house into a home. Now, all you need is the lease. Sending positive vibes your way and something to spark a flame under the agent's bum!

I hope everything works out for Blondie. Focus on getting your energy back, relaxing, signing the lease, and breaking the new home in. A sore back will be worth it when it is all said and done.
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