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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Yep, I think the questions are awesome. That's the whole point of OKC over other dating sites. Whenever someone messages me, I go straight to the "unacceptable answers" section and explore from there. That usually gives me a good nugget or two for a conversation. Then again, I like to challenge people...
I also read the questions on OKC when I was on that site. (OKC and I are 'it's complicated' right now. )

I was very open about being bisexual in my profile. And I was just stunned by several men who would contact me but who in their question responses were against same sex marriage, same sex adoption, etc. - but wanted to bang a bisexual woman. I know it's a vicious version of good enough to fuck but definitely not bring home to mama but still surprised me all the same.
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