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you are all right. ive been pulling myself in two directions because of these ups and downs. i understand that everyone is different and that people act differently but some of the things she does there is no explanation for. she justifies them with reasons that dont even coincide with the situation, then finally says its because of the past and what BF has done. if she cant move on she is putting a damper on us all. BF and I BOTH have spoken to her and its like it doesn't seem to fall through sometimes. I really do want to work this out with them both yet, if it wont let up i have to let out. then when i say im leaving BF gets upset because he claims "im breaking up with both" when he knows that its because of her i want to leave when in reality its both because he doesnt see how her behavior since day one has made me feel. I mean he has seen how it hurts me and our relationship and him as well but he brushes it off like it will change. its three months of the same thing. you know i was always told people do not change they just learn and understand more, they mature if you want to put it that way. and for them to be living in my house it has gotten a touch more real for her. She realizes it isnt always rainbows and butterflies and that when people live together you have to accept the fact that its a responsibility. BF told me yesterday he is so sorry for everything i was put through because she has felt a certain way. Since the beginning she has thought this wasn't going to work it was a temporary fix and that she honestly thought that she was going to walk out of this relationship with BF. we continued to tell her since the beginning that that is not what we are intending. me and him both planned to be in this for the long haul and that we werent going to leave eachother. since then she has still tried to manipulate or intimacy, our alone time, how much we interact by either throwing a fit or just plain simply telling him so. He has animatedly has expressed to her if you are not comfortable you can leave but i will not let you call the shots on how i act with my own GF, its selfish for that you go and be with someone who isnt in this type of relationship. He does back me up 100% i just think hes trying to show her the bigger picture and make her grow up. She has relaxed alooooott in this and has eased in more but the baby fits here and there still are a power struggle to get her way i know it is i can sense it from the pit of my stomach. you guy all mean well and i thank you for that, if worst come gto worst i will offer a V formation that way she can move out and i wont have to worry and she can still feel like shes getting all of him when he sees her.
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