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Default Just a hello and thanks for having me!

Hi friends,

I am a lady turning 30 this October and just starting to really find my truth! It feels great to share my feelings about love, intimacy and sexuality with like minded people. I am a Scorpio, healer, teacher, musician and truly a lover of all. I see the best and believe we all have light and dark within making the journey beautifully complex.

I am newly self proclaimed as poly as I have battled my way through many monogamous relationships and discovering myself. I have always been a faithful partner but too often felt owned. Many men and woman felt jealous of my time spent with others, always suspicious. I know to some outsiders I seem like a flirtatious person with no regard for people's situations. I enjoy connections, very simply stated, just that.

There are many things I am not, just so happens that monogamous is something I am not either. I have cheated in the past but I don't like how that feels. If cheating came up, I would confess and move on. Honesty, openness and trust are the key to a successful relationship of any kind.

I appreciate everyone here sharing in stories and support of a lifestyle that is so misunderstood. I look forward to the support and companionship!

Nice to meet you!
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