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Default New to poly

Hi everyone,
I'm a 30 ... something ... girl from NZ who has just recently found herself in a whole new place.
I've been happily married for 7 years and with my husband for 13. Neither of us have ever considered the idea of bringing someone else into our relationship ... it just sort of happened.
My best friend, husband and I are now enjoying spending lots of time together, in and out of the bedroom.
We are getting on really well, and endeavouring to take our time with things. None of us want just threesomes ... it's about the relationships for all of us. It wasn't till another friend used the word "polyamoury" when talking to me that it sunk in.
I'm slowly getting used to the idea of sharing my husband ... and my best friend lol... and have found a fw of the articles etc linked on this site really useful.
It's great finding a whole new world of possibilities and I look forward to chatting with some of you as we embark on this enjoyable, confusing journey.
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