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A fair bit this year, I've been slowly getting to know more people, one by one. Not necessarily in person, but that doesn't make them any less great for me. =]

Most of these new friendships have spawned from diving into conversations with friends, and having their mutual friends join in with me.

I've also been making tighter connections with people who were already at aquaintance levels with me. People I'd already met in the past, but never made massive efforts to talk to.

What brought it to my attention, really, is that a musical project I'm working on at the moment, it consists almost entirely of these kinds of people. Ideas have been thrown about, and spawned a more professional relationship, as well as a personal one.

It also shows me that there is a great bit of truth in the "making connections" statement, when it comes to moving up the career ladder. Even if I'm still at the bottom of the ladder, at least I'm actually on it now. =P

I thought it was a great bit of information to share with you guys. The fact that it isn't just our romantic relationships that we have to work on in life. =]

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