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Originally Posted by JaneQSmythe View Post
It would probably help to pick out what exactly it was about their profile that made them sound interesting - you like x/I like x, you like y/ I haven't met too many people interested in y, etc. You want to let them know that you actually read their profile and that x, y, and z about it intrigued you. "hey you sound really interesting and I'd like to hang out and get to know you" sound like something that you copy/pasted to 2000 girls profiles at once - because it doesn't reference anything specific about the girl you are messaging.


PS. Disclaimer - I have a pic-less OKC profile. Take my comments with a grain of salt. I can only talk about what would attract me (a poly bi girl) to respond to someone's message.
I'd agree with this.

and to put more emphasis on it... not only -sound- like you read the profile, but -actually read the damn profile-.

I often read peoples' answers to questions on the site a lot. More than I actually ever send a message. Because I find that often, just reading some of the things they say in the question sections, have a lot more insight into who they are, than a few paragraphs [if you're lucky] that they wrote themselves on their main page.

As someone who is poly, one of the first questions I enjoy seeing is "would you be willing to have an open relationship?" or something along those lines. Because the answer given will give me a clue to give up right away, or carry on reading more answers to questions. =]

Then again, I'm one of the sad gits who has answered over 800 of those things, so far. A lot of them, with extra comments in the optional box.
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