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Well, do you define what 'like minded' means? Since it means something different to everyone. We had this discussion on another list. What does it mean to say 'like minded'? Really it's making an assumption that A) they know who you are. B) what kind of mind you have, and C) that they are the same in all the important ways to you.

Getting a second profile here is always a good idea. You may be of one mind in this issue, but you are still two different people. Even two people that agree on a course of action will have different thoughts and feelings! That's the first step. Remember you are two people. Also, if you are on a site looking for people, two profiles is probably better there too.

DH and I have been together twenty years, we marvel at how much we have 'rubbed off' on each other and our views in many things have gone from two different ideas completely to almost the same. Slowly coming and arriving at things in different directions but now in the same place. Yet, we are still TWO people. We have NEVER joined a site of any kind with just one log in. Too confusing for others who do get to know us. Even conjoined twins want to be treated like individuals!
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