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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hey Mags, how is the house-hunting going? I hope you find the perfect place to call home! Been thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way.
Originally Posted by FullofLove1052 View Post
I hope the house hunt is going well. How did the house tour go? The perfect home for you will reveal itself in due time, and it will hit you like, "This is the one!" I am so rooting for you and this house hunt!
Well, we loved the last house we toured. It was a small older ranch but all fixed up inside, granite counters and stainless appliances in the kitchen, nice stylish paint on the walls, refinished bathroom and half bath, nicely refinished basement.

It was in a nice neighborhood, but it is in northwest Worcester, meaning it is about a half hour to Ginger's house, and an hour and a half to Boston, by car or train.

We met and chatted with the owner and listing agent for a house we'd seen a few days previously that's only 7 miles from Ginger. 15 minutes! (He now drives 35-40 mins to get to my current place.) It's also a ranch, but this time, not modernized. But it backs onto hundreds of acres of conservation land, which is woods, marshes and a huge lake/reservoir, hiking trails. It has a cute yard, all the space we need inside, fireplace, refinished basement family room, 1 full bath and 2 half baths, sunny kitchen... We liked the owner and she liked us. It was her mother's place, awwww. She actually lives in Ginger's town and had noticed him at town meetings. She said we can do all the gardening we like. The listing agent is supposed to be writing up the lease as of last night, but I've been waiting all day and have heard nothing from her. Arrgghh!

miss pixi doesn't like this place quite as much as me, as it is more suburban and she doesn't drive and would be more dependent on me. But she does like it a lot and will sign the lease if we ever freekin get it! We took a drive all over that area last week. It's so cutesy/country New Englandy. I really like it and I think miss p will too once she gets used to it. She's been in Boston 9 years, but grew up in rural NY State.

I am so incredibly stressed out, and now I've finally gotten the cold Ginger and miss p have had.

Miss Pixi's response to the new guy is too awesome for words. I would say something like that.
I PMed Blondie last Saturday to ask him to come down and have that beer with me the next day. But he said he was too depressed about how things are with his sort of gf, and didn't want to go out. I expressed my sympathies and am leaving him alone. Maybe once I get to sign a lease and get some energy back when the cold gets better, I'll message him again.
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