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I guess I'm showing my age here but your only 22.. I know breaking up is hard, but your going to have plenty of people come and go in your life and living miserably for any amount of time is not good..

There has to be a point where you say you want happiness and leave the situation and let them work it out. You might love him but love isn't always the reason to stay if love equals unhappiness. Also there is always someone out there that will treat you the way you want and deserve to be treated and you aren't going to find it by sitting in a house and letting someone mistreat you.

I agree with FOL I wouldn't tolerate temper tantrums and also don't allow the children here to throw them, and wouldn't tolerate it from a grown woman. Though your not exactly describing the behavior of a grown woman.

I also don't know how many times you have said you want to move out or she has to move out, but I do know that threatening or talking about it without acting on it and showing you mean what you say leads everyone around you to not take you seriously when you are at the breaking point. If your dealing with someone that immature you have to say what you mean and be prepared to act on it.
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