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SNeacail, I agree with you that we should be careful not to make people feel left out (or not welcome) because they're "not poly enough." I guess to some people, that would taint the purity of our site to allow too much "non-poly-ness" aboard, but I figure anyone who participates here (other than spam artists) must at least have an interest in poly. Plus I personally feel that the blog section is like the fireplace board; it shouldn't be so strict that the subject matter be specifically poly and non-mono. Of course that's just an opinion of mine; I am not a mod and do not make the rules. But I sympathize with what you're saying.

As for mods having two roles (mod and member), what I've seen done on other sites is, the mod doesn't have two accounts, but xe prefaces hir messages with something like, "I am speaking as a mod," or, "I am speaking as a member." It always made things clear enough for me, though there were also times when they posted something very light and it seemed obvious they were posting just as a member.

I guess that's all I have to say for the moment.

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