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yea i know. we tried talking and it leads no where. Its like i try to forget the past and then she has an issue which brings up the past and it just sets the balls rolling. she doesn't trust him and that shows in every little thing because that erupts tantrums. im an easy going kind of person i tend to go with the flow, and she is very its not fair to me type of person. I know i have flaws and that i have done things in this relationship as well that i shouldnt have, yes there were times i was upset and acted up but i try not to let that inner urge out, out of respect for myself and them and i have apologized for it every single time. But she has from day one always had some sort of problem. shes tried breaking us up and making him choose in the beginning of the relationship and has done alot to manipulate everything to her liking by making a big deal out of small things or simply just tryiing to have it all her way. it cant be that way i told BF today we all need to sit down and talk cus i dont like the immaturity. BTW she is 19, my BF will be 21 in may and I turned 22 in feb. its all of things that i have lost count but i told BF i need a break cus it will result in you and me also breaking up in the long run.
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