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So in a brief put up with her moodiness and bullshit because you love him? I am not sure how you love someone like her, which is why I opted not to ask. How about you end the relationship with her? Let your boyfriend deal with her overemotional, immature behaviour. I am not in the business of telling people when they should not be with someone, but who has time for a grown woman's temper tantrums? I do not coddle people, and I do not even allow my own children to have temper tantrums. You said you feel like it is babysitting? Stop babysitting. You can move out, or she can move out. Something has to change. You clearly wanted out. Stop letting that love hold you in place. They beg and plead for you to stay, and then, nothing changes. Meanwhile, you are still miserable and unhappy. If she was receptive to your love and the way you want to love her, she would not be fighting tooth and nail and doing things to push you away. She sounds downright bloody immature. How old is this duckie? This is her first real relationship? Oh heavens. She is in over her head, and it is showing in the form of her drowning. She gets upset when you mention her behaviour. Two relationships at the same time? She needs to learn how to balance one before she dares to venture into poly.

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