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Talking No Monkeying Around

Let it be known. I am NOT one with nature, and I need warnings. I stepped outside. The resort is absolutely breathtaking and peaceful. I wanted to admire it. The Indian Ocean is the backdrop. Who is going to complain about that? I opened the door, and we had a visitor. A monkey. It was just like relaxing on the table. I screamed out, "Sweet baby Jesus." Where did that even come from? Naturally, it caught Si's attention. It broke the ice barrier between, so I will not complain. We laughed until tears started falling. Then, she showed me the note that explains about the monkeys! If only I had seen that two hours ago. I might need to go to bed. I was video chatting my daughter because I was not tired, but after the monkey business, I might need to call it a night. Thursday is off to a funny start. I am afraid to see what else might come out of hiding!
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