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Originally Posted by juanvaldez76 View Post
I think my biggest obstacle to overcome is that uncomfortable feeling of knowing that they are being intimate alone with each other.... and some days I'm fine with it and other days I'm not.... some days I like hearing details and other days I don't....sometimes I like the fact that she has involved me and sometimes I don't like it....

I know it's my feelings that I have to work on because the only thing she doesn't like is how it is making me feel.... but that's me making me feel that way, not her
I do sympathize. I wish I knew what my triggers were. Some of it is that T doesn't tell me, and I wonder if she's with them when she's not available to me.

One night she spent with G and I was ok with it prior to going to sleep. However, I started waking up at 4am, and barely slept the rest of the night. I wasn't anxious but I wasn't comfortable either. Then last weekend I was a mess, but it was due to poor communication. I should still have been more understanding.
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