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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Hey, while you're in Bali, maybe you can change suites so you and she are not next to each other. Is Matt not with you on this trip (just wondering)?
Matt is at home with our children. I was not too fond of the idea of them being on such long-haul flights in such a close range.

I have already changed the return trip, so that we will not be on the same flights again. A perfect stranger picked up on the tension between us during the first flight. We were just making small talk. He asked if it was a lovers quarrel? That made me think, "Is it that obvious?" The reverse to people picking up on chemistry even when a couple are not showing PDA and/or the relationship between the two is not known.

We still have to share a villa because the resort is where the wedding is. We are in the bridal party, and we need to be here. I can deal with that. There are two bedrooms and plenty of space, so we can keep contact to a minimum. The rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and the hen do are tomorrow night. The bride adjusted the seating arrangement, so we are not sitting next to each other. The wedding is Friday afternoon. Departure breakfast on Saturday with the newlyweds. Then, home bound. As long as my attention stays on the agenda and remembering why we are here, it should be fairly easy.
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