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I've told her this before. However I don't think she believes it anymore. Recently I was over for our weekly tv show. I'd been there all day due to me staying over the night before, all three of us had gone to an event together. Normally that day is reserved for them. I'll come over in time to watch the show and hang out, unless they decide to cancel and go out together. That morning they both told me they were fine with me hanging out all day. I was mildly uncomfortable doing so but decided to ignore it and hang out, I had no plans that day except to come over later on anyway. Me and her ended chilling in the living room most of the day while he took a nap in their room. We spent most of the time watching tv and doing things on our laptops. I could tell she had stuff on her mind but she didn't want to talk. Later on when he came out she went straight to him to be held. I'll admit, it hurt. I'd barely seen her over the past week and had just spent the last few hours with her and during that time she didn't seem to want any physical contact. Then he comes out and all she wants to do is cuddle with him. so yes, it hurt and it amplified the feelings of comfortableness I was feeling. Apparently my body language showed this. Which made her paranoid for the rest of the night about showing him affection. I had no problem with her showing him affection, granted it may have been hard to tell due to me kind of trying to stay in my own little corner. I realize now that I should have left that morning and come back later on to hang out. We talked the next morning, I usually stay over those nights, and she told me about the paranoid feeling along with other things that were on her mind. She didn't seem to understand why I felt like I was intruding the day before. She made the point how it's not two relationships, and I agree. While I wouldn't say me and him are dating, cause were not, we know that we are all in this together. What I'm wondering is does anyone get why I felt uncomfortable? She also mentioned how she's felt like she can't relax and be herself around me. She says she feels like a wet blanket. I've been telling her that she's not and that I want her to tell me if she thinks I'm doing something stupid. I value her opinion more than anyone else's. Granted I may still do it, but I take what she has to say in account before I do. and i just realized I'm rambling. I'll let off for now
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