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Default Craziness

Since the first time we all were together, we have have now been all 3 together 3 total times. And in between MD & I have been together solo 3 more times, seeing eachother on lunch breaks, etc. And when we haven't been physically together, we've been texting non stop.

Obviously, that's a lot of activity in a week and a half. And probably not the healthiest way to be. But I was caught up in the intensity of it, as were FJ and MD. I think last night I hit a wall. I suddenly went from having complete compersion for the two of them, to having mixed feelings about the whole thing. I wouldn't identify it as jealousy, but I'm uncomfortable suddenly. I've encouraged this the whole time. I honestly was ok with it, and in my mind I am too. I am still sorting this out, trying to work through my feelings and untangle them.

I am going to start another thread with more of an explanation of last night. Hopefully it will help sort my feelings out.
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