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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post

would YOU date a person who told you up front, "Hey I'm only looking to date you, no matter how awesome you may be, if you come in a package deal with someone equally awesome to me."
I have a hard time envisioning saying anything like that to anyone, mainly because i've never dated someone I wasn't already friends with. So if this were me, meeting a couple for the first time, my only intention on the table would be friendship. If we can't be friends first, I don't see romance coming from it, so talking about it would be rather cart-before-the-horse. If friends went well, and connections looked good, we could knock on that door; if connections weren't looking promising, then we've got new friends, and that awkward scenario above never had to happen. There's no need to be hurtful or rejecting in the face of getting to know someone.
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