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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Unfortunately, your inability to take a humorous statement is lost on me.

I do not offer Manchester as a choice, because what I have seen in terms of poly group activity has been little. Though it seems to be the most popular part of the north of England for poly meetups, -they are still very few in number-.
I did not find it humorous, I found it dismissive and rude, perhaps had you made a good joke I may have found it funny.

Certainly a small Manc community is preferable to zero Leeds activity isn't it? Who are you to decide whether it is worth it to Kayleight? She obviously wants to meet people physically and not just be confined to online activity. Sometimes practical suggestions are more important than showing off how much you know (for example, where all the well known Poly people seem to live.... yeah, ermmmm right!).
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