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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Are you for real? I was responding to your claim that

This has not been my experience as a Londoner (and I would thank you for not slating my city, even in jest.) Perhaps if you offered up Manchester initially instead of talking about all the well known Poly people in Bristol you could have saved me bothering to respond at all.

Good Grief.....
Unfortunately, your inability to take a humorous statement is lost on me.

I do not offer Manchester as a choice, because what I have seen in terms of poly group activity has been little. Though it seems to be the most popular part of the north of England for poly meetups, -they are still very few in number-.

I also do not offer Bristol as an option. That would be silly compared to offering Manchester first, of course. My statement was purely meant in the form of "the north doesn't have much activity, but the south does. This is unfortunate for us in the north."
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