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Originally Posted by Sekhmet View Post
He told me that he can't get to know people online and they don't really "exist" for him until he meets them. I ignored that, but since I can't figure out how to block people from my phone, I left him alone.

Last night, he messaged me again, saying, "So anyways thats a pass then on hooking up?..."

I ignored him and still haven't blocked him. I'm kinda curious if he's going to ask again tonight...
LoL... I totally get your POV, but I also get his... well, no points for obviously just wanting to put his penis in your vagina... but I also prefer to meet people sooner than later. I can learn much more about someone within 5 minutes of meeting them than 1000s of messages will ever tell me. I figure, back before people met on the internet, they met in person first... So where does this idea come from that people need to chat for weeks online before they're "ready" to meet? Do they need to get "ready" to meet people at the grocery store or your book club?

But yeah, not "come over to my stranger-on-the-internet house and 'watch a dvd.'" More like, "meet for coffee with a 30 minute time limit" ... no matter how awkward it is, you can sit through 30 minutes. The limit gives you an easy out.
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