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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
That is where the language gets in the way. I dont' know about others, but we have tried to realize there is a difference between jealous and envy. I can be envious of someone else's good fortune without wanting to take it from them. Jealousy typically seems, to us at least, to be that not only are you unhappy that they have something you don't, but you don't want them to have it.

Granted other people might think the opposite but we found it important to know the difference and so have gone with those definitions.

So we go with the idea that you can have compersion and still be envious. Jealousy though, seems to be able to push out any compersion you might feel.
Thank you Vixtoria. I think that these are sound definitions. I feel that it is critical to be able to establish the dynamics of these core concepts together as lovers. In my current position...i can't seem to do that with my wife. Although, my gf is open to discussing anything...and so these insights will be useful in helping her.
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