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I meant no offense by my post. I also did not mean to offend by my lack of knowledge of acceptable terminology. I respect any dynamic and I think you are entitled to it, more power to you and all that fun stuff.

What I meant to say was, if we are truly tolerant and understanding people, why would any dynamic be out of bounds or off putting. I don't think that my way of thinking is the only way and I sure don't think that only one person here has all the answers, thus the forum and multiple members.

I was merely trying to understand why this way of being poly is unreasonable to some and why it seems so out of reach. I enjoy the company of my wife, and I enjoy the company of other people, excluding one or the other seems contradictory to my happiness, and possibly the happiness of those around me.

I am thankful to any and all of you who have weighed in with an opinion, and it has helped me realize that yes all manners and forms of relationships are good so long as they work for you. I don't really feel anyone owes me or my spouse anything, just as I don't owe them anything either except my honesty.

Once again if I offended, that wasn't my intention. I am new to this and I am just trying to understand how a majority of the dynamics work and then trying to adjust my expectations accordingly. It's not pleasant to think you're getting pie and then you get ice cream instead.

Oh and to the OP, I am so sorry, I in no way or form meant to hijack your post, and I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.
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