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I had this guy message me and ask if I wanted to hang out that night and watch a DVD. I told him that I need to get to know someone a bit before agreeing to meet them. He was polite and told me to have a nice night.

The next night, he asked again if I wanted to hang out. I got snarky and told him "points for persistence, but minus 10 times that for not understanding English." He told me that he can't get to know people online and they don't really "exist" for him until he meets them. I ignored that, but since I can't figure out how to block people from my phone, I left him alone.

Last night, he messaged me again, saying, "So anyways thats a pass then on hooking up?..."

I ignored him and still haven't blocked him. I'm kinda curious if he's going to ask again tonight...
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