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I told Q that he could use his hardware, and he said it helped. I'm glad.

We had a really nice weekend and even invited Miss M to spend Saturday evening with us, but she had homework.

I opened an OKC account, admittedly because I was doing the "if he's got a GF then I want someone" dance. I got over that really fast and changed my profile to make it clear that I was looking for poly people to be friends with. I'm not closed to more, but not looking either.

I have a date on Thursday with what seems like a nice, geeky poly guy. Just hanging out at the mall and talking. He does chainmail jewelry and we might be making something. We'll see how it goes. Q is doing fine with all this. I know he said he would be fine, but it's nice to see evidence that he was right.
Me: 30yo wife
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