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I am happy to be back here after an accidental ban...

A lot has happened. My 19 yo son has lost his ever loving mind. Got aggressive with me and has moved out. So I lost my baby sitter. Which meant I lost my job.

Luckily I landed another quickly working as a personal assistant for a friend of 20yrs who has done well for himself. I work mostly from home but have to travel a bit due to the nature of the music industry. Love it.. I will be hitting several music festivals in Europe this summer my boyfriend Murf will be joining me.

Since I lost my babysitter.. I have had to make some changes to the rules of my relationships. ie the no Murf sleeping over at the house clause. Actually my husband Butch was the one who suggested lifting that rule. So now when Butch is working and Murf is off of work Murf spends the night here with me. Butch goes to the spare bedroom.
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