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Smile I think i'm in a polyamourous gay relationship without realising.

I think im just starting to realise that I may actually be in a gay triad(polyamourous) relationship.

The situtation thats lead to this is too complicated to follow. But basically, my partner and I have been together for about 3 years. About a year ago we started having what can probably be best described as a sexually based 'affair' with one of our friends. It started out as just friendship and really good sex between the three of us (sometimes all three of us together, sometimes seperately). But always honest with each other. My partner and I have had an open relationship since day one, so it didnt seem so unusual and I've never felt a single twinge of jealousy.

Recently though I've started to look back at the year we've spent all this time together with the third guy and realised, its not just been sex. Its been cuddling on the sofa (all three of us), going out to the movies together (all three of us holding hands), sleeping together in the same bed - sometimes even without sex. Just last week when my partner and I were discussing our summer holiday plans, i realised we'd both just made the automatic assumption we were going as a 'three' of us. Its almost like we've made him part of our lives together without noticing.

I've not voiced this realisation openly to either of them, not sure if saying it would spoil it (if that makes sense). But having spoken to the third guy tonight about it, i mentioned how close we'd become this last year and he said "I guess i cant imagine my life without you two in it". Which nearly made me melt!

I guess im still a little scared of this, but i think i'm happy to let it play out and see where the road takes the three of us
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