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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
There are nicer ways to put that!
I get that all the time... and I just sit there, thinking... "What? I don't understand. I was just being straight-forward."
I don't like dancing around a subject. Though I often get stuck for words, causing huge rants about meaningless subjects, I make the most to make myself as clear and to the point as possible.

He is an over-focused ADD. He is ALWAYS hyperfocused. It never stops. Every day, all day long. He is a supervisor at work, (electrician) and he is forever texting me to ask if its unreasonable that he expects employees to keep up with him. To which I often have to tell him yes (after inquiring as to WHAT the scenario is this time!). Because he literally doesn't stop. He starts work at 7am and will work until the job is done which at times has been 16-18 hours. No breaks, no pauses.
He's been asked point blank if he uses cocaine because of it.
Interestingly-if he takes his ADD meds, then he is more prone to pause, take a break, etc. LOL.
Does he enjoy his job? I would assume so.
I think I would be the same, in a similar job. Something where there is a lot of structure in what you do. Like with electricity, there are things that are always definite.
But with me, music is my main "work". But because it is such a free-flowing environment, where rules are broken, more often than followed, I always feel all over the place. One thing I'm wanting to figure out, is how to find a similar structure to writing music, as you would have as an electrician. But without the terrible songs that come with following formulae.
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