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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I don't think you should be shunned by either (which is why so many of us are up in arms on your behalf).

You are doing exactly what we spend HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS telling people ON THIS BOARD.
"don't start a new relationship while the one (or two or whatever) are in crisis"
"fix the issues in the current situation first"
"take time to grieve before adding someone else to the mix"
etc etc etc

. . .

I think you are making a very solid choice and many of us have said-and continue to say-we appreciate you continuing to share HERE and anywhere else. Please don't stop on account of a few misguided interpretations. Keep talking.
Yes, please keep writing about your own experience, without contorting yourself or your words always to be overtly about poly. Just write about your experiences as you struggle to have an intentional relationship with Matt, for as long as you think engagement with poly folk will be helpful to you. I have made the point elsewhere that your experiences could be instructive to many on this board.

More than that, I would argue that you and Matt have become part of the community here, at least as much as anyone else is part of the community. To that extent, your struggles and (eventual) triumphs matter.
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