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Well the site seems to have gone through a bit of a hiccup recently. Something I'd love to get on to more a bit further down. First, though...

... As most reading will know, I've been going through a whole lot of self-change for a while now. Discovering a lot of who I am, and fixing the parts I don't like. and as a part of this whole starting fresh, and building it all back up, I decided to lop off my hair.

"But SG!" I hear you say "Why would you do that to those sexy locks!?" ;D

Well, extremely pleasant commenter [^_^], various reasons spurred it. But it was really a heat of the moment event. I'd been thinking about it for a while. Not really wanting to deep down. As my hair is as much a part of me, as the people I have in my life. I have an almost-religious connection with my hair. Not dissimilar to a sikh's practice of kesh.

It certainly felt sinful to myself to get rid of it all. But a great weight has also been lifted from my shoulders. Figuritively. Literally, it oddly didn't feel like a whole lot of weight. I expected it to be. The hair was 3 feet long. Half the size of my own height. It was at a point where it wasn't really growing a whole lot further. 8 years it took to get to that point, too.

But for those, like myself, who loved the mane, all is not lost. I may have cut it all off, but only for the point of growing it once again. This time, with a little more care. I'll be straying away from the masses of chemicals in shampoo, and using the more cleansing, water. =P Seems strange, but the things they put in shampoo, only causes the need for more shampoo. Much the same that a can of cola will only make you more thirsty.

It's just one of a number of things I'm constantly looking to change in myself. and one of the hardest choices I've made recently.

Now, on to a more serious matter. A matter of mods clambering into peoples' personal blogs here. Not unlike the one you are reading now. Though I've not had this problem myself, it seems that some are taking their power into their emotional sides.

The problems seem to be about focusing on non-poly topics... In personal -life- blogs. Now, as you can see in this post, and for quite a few posts before it, my own blog has been very far from the topic of poly.

I actually really enjoy talking with people on this blog. Allowing people to join in with discussion, and taking the topic to wherever it ends up being. My life does not revolve around poly itself. In fact, I've never even been in a poly relationship. Ever. and in fact, in the past half a year or more, not only have I not been poly, I've not even been in any kind of romantic relationship. and do you know what? I've been enjoying it!

Being on my own has been a great experience, and I'm hoping is carries on this way for a while, yet. I'm not looking for any relationship outside of friendship. So what? Does this make my blog irrelevant now?

Because from all you lovely people that do read, and especially comment here... I like to think that even these small interactions make some difference to the way you think. Or perhaps give you ideas. Or I've managed to give out some advice that makes some kind of positive difference in your life.

That is not irrelevant.

This all may not have to do with polyamory, but this is my personal space on this site. I choose what I talk about. I share -my- life with you, and allow you to join in with it. But at no point do I expect disrespect from any member here.

If your goal is to hurt anyone in a place where they should feel safe to share themselves, you, yourself, are giving polyamory a bad name.

To all those who put up with me, I appreciate you all, greatly. <3
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