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Default Mornings minus sleepovers.

I find sleeping arrangements in threes very awkward. We have a king sized bed, and there's still always what we like to refer to as "piggy in the middle". Someone is stuck sweating it out in the middle of two warm bodies, and can't quite tuck blankets in or be comfortable, LOL. Or, someone is a cuddler, and they're on the other side of the person who can take the heat, so to speak, of being PITM, and doesn't get their snuggles before bed, or what have you. I find that sleeps are just not generally as restful with a third in the bed.

My FAVOURITE is when one person sleeps in the spare bedroom - we took turns on that, and would rejoin up in the morning for snuggles. It also gave the chance for one-on-one trysting as our relationships developed as well. If you haven't done that yet, I'd highly recommend YOU being the one that sleeps elsewhere to allow the ladies to bond, and foster a connection without you, especially if your wife is new to ladies and hasn't had the chance to fully develop her bisexuality. It also allows for one/both of you to go to the spare bedroom with breakfast in the morning and spoil your lover - everyone is refreshed and bushy tailed....

Group sleeping is overrated in my opinion - I'd do it if I had a baby and was breastfeeding, but I prefer to have a max of two in a bed for sleep quality, LOL. Snuggles and breakfast all cuddled up are THE BEST mind you, and I would never pass those up!
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