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I actually copy/pasted that info from one of the links I included.
So I'm not sure precisely which way they meant careless.

I know that it frequently shows up in not taking time to think about how our words/actions will affect others.
My oldest daughter is currently pregnant-so she can't take her ADD meds. OMG talk about drive a person nuts! LOL!
She just doesn't EVER shut up-I mean-never. I haven't asked her husband-but if he told me she talks all night-I wouldn't be surprised.
Repeatedly she gets reminded by MANY people (HEY HEY HEY! Need not say that outloud! or There are nicer ways to put that!) the kicker is-she is a VERY loving and considerate person. But when her mind is going a million miles a minute-she just starts talking what she's thinking-without THINKING about what she's thinking and how it might come out.
Then she feels LIKE SHIT aftewards.

Ironically-my husband has that in common with her! (they aren't biologically related).

He is an over-focused ADD. He is ALWAYS hyperfocused. It never stops. Every day, all day long. He is a supervisor at work, (electrician) and he is forever texting me to ask if its unreasonable that he expects employees to keep up with him. To which I often have to tell him yes (after inquiring as to WHAT the scenario is this time!). Because he literally doesn't stop. He starts work at 7am and will work until the job is done which at times has been 16-18 hours. No breaks, no pauses.
He's been asked point blank if he uses cocaine because of it.
Interestingly-if he takes his ADD meds, then he is more prone to pause, take a break, etc. LOL

And weekends-he drives us all nuts (and vacations) because he's up and running from morning til he passes out.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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