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Originally Posted by reallynicepeople View Post

We are long time lurkers here...We just are having a hard time finding our tribe. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

If you 2 are long time lurkers here, first of all, you haven't noticed the staff frowns on couples sharing a profile.

Secondly, if you've read here a lot, you'd have seen how seldom triads, much less quads, work out long term.

In a quad, A has to love B, C, and D (nearly) equally.

B has to love A, C and D.

C has to love A, B and D.

D has to love A, B and C.

Everyone has to be in the mood to hang out with 3 others simultaneously.

Everyone has to be in the mood to fuck 3 others simultaneously.

All your kids have to be babysat.

Everyone has to be healthy enough physically, to hang out and fuck 3 others simultaneously.

If one person isn't mentally, emotionally or physically ready to hang out/fuck, what do you do? If one kid is sick and can't be left with a sitter, does one partner get to stay home and watch the kid while the other gets to go play?

What if one person of the quad has to work overtime? Does the less busy partner not get to see the other 2 lovers until overtime is over?
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