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Thumbs up Beds, Sleeping, And Space

So I've been in a triad for close to 2 months now. My wife and I started seeing a fantastic, incredible woman, and everything has been fantastic. Our only problem is kind of minor, especially when I compare it to the rest of this forum.

Sleep overs are awesome, if only for those amazing mornings spent eating breakfast and snuggling. The only problem is the actual sleeping part.

We have a full/queen sized bed, me and my wife are smaller people, but our addition is like 6 feet+, and the bed gets very very tight and uncomfortable when its the three of us just laying down the bed. I was wondering if anyone had any tips. The current plan is that I take the far wall and wake up with massive back pains, but the other two get an ok sleep, but this seemed like a solvable problem to me, and I figured I'd ask some people with more experience.

So, tl;dr-Me and My Wife would like to have some comfortable sleep overs with our 6 foot+ tall third, how do we do that?
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