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Well, she was helping until last night. Now it just raises more questions.

She came to visit for a few minutes in a public chat. Things seemed ok, and then she says, "I'm too exhausted to chat." We say goodbye. I head to bed shortly thereafter. 90 minutes later, I get a text asking if I'm awake (because she's feeling a little depressed). about 20 minutes later I wake up and notice it. I plan on leaving the "if you were so exhausted to talk to me, why are you up 2 hours later" alone, but she pre-empts it by asking me, "Why are you awake?"

So I have to ask in return, "Are you ok? You said you were exhausted hours ago. What's keeping you up?"

She claims it was she wanted to be anti-social, and did house work. I don't buy it. If she needed to do housework, she could have just said, "I just wanted to see you for a few minutes, but unfortunately I have things I have to do before bed."

It sure seems like she's lying to me, but maybe I'm just paranoid and does it even matter?
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